hooooly shit she’s alive!

5 09 2009

I’m starting to get really fucking tired of this excuse BUT I (still, for the love of god) don’t have internet at home. So. Yeah.

But with Court’s recent posting I’ve realized how much I MISS THIS SHIT so I’m suffering through doing this from my blackberry. Just for you, sexypants. Yes, you.

Unfortunately, not a whole fuckofalot has happened for me since the last time I posted, wayyy back in the day.

Have I mentioned I’m sorry about our little unplanned hiatus? No? Well I am.

BF and I did move, however, into a much nicer rental house. I’m further from work now though, but that’s the only downside. Well, that and NOT HAVING INTERNET! Fuckme.

Let me tell ya, it’s pretty awesome living somewhere you can have sex with your bedroom door (which open to 3+ acres of lawn/pasture) open. Mmhmm.

Other than that… Nothin’ much. I plan on realllly making more of an effort here, but don’t plan on many of the regulars from me (sorry).
Until next time (which should be soon!)



back to the grindstone.

18 08 2009

Alright everyone, I’m really back this time. I think…

So, what have I missed?

To catch you up, I’ve broken it off with STS. I was getting a little tired of the long distance thing, so we’re on a bit of a hiatus.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you.

exes and oh!s,


24 04 2009

Soooooo, I get to see the family in about a week. And my bff if she’s got time for me… so that’s pretty exciting!

Ugh, Its always something I dread doing, but when I have to (since I’m moving), its another story. So, after my 2nd romp session with STS today, I headed into my room to do the deed: clean out the closet. But then I saw my laptop and thought of all of you wonderful people, and here I am!

So would you fuck me already? Its Thursday (I love that I can make any day I want to into a theme day, btw)!

Arm Chair, anyone? Has anyone ever done this? What do you think of it?

exes and oh!s,

excuses? i’m full of ’em.

16 04 2009

Okay, it arrived like, a week ago (woohoo!) but I haven’t gotten around to even writing in the journal. I had enough time to hurry and throw a few things in there, but I definitely didn’t get ONE lip gloss in there, which shows I had to be in a hurry, because usually I have about 37 lip glosses in my purse, and I have zero. Wtf? I haven’t even had time for sex (oral sex, yes, but the real thing? Not so much)! Now you definitely know I’ve been busy.

Anddddddd I know I’ve been absent for a week…or two… or something like that. But I’ve got excuses: 1) I had a birthday! and 2) Easter. So, settle down. I had to be born, and Jesus had to rise from the dead, okay?

I’m not even going to go into details, but I get to move, again, even further away from Christina than I already am currently. And I also have to move away from STS. Doesn’t make me too happy. But on a happier note for you lovely readers: I’m going to have more time on my hands seeing as how I’m moving to a place where I know NO ONE, so I’ll be on here more often. Yay for you.

Also, to those of you who wanted to know about the Bender Ball?  I haven’t had too much time for that, either– buttttttttt, when I did use it, I could feel it working, so I’d recommend it. My sister also uses it, and she’s losing weight like crazy, which shows that I should be using it, too… but anyway. Give it a try. I’ve gotta start using it again if I want to lose a few pounds before my other sister’s wedding (which reminds me– anyone know of some good tanning bed lotions for very fair skin??), so once I start using it again, I’ll let you know my progress.

Alright, fuck me Thursday, it is! I’m goin’ country on y’all.

Ladies! Okay, but really. I mean, I love my older men and all, but I also love the younger ones– especially with the nice teeth… Lucas Till

   travistill     lucastill1

And gentlemen: Taylor Swift

taylor   taylor2

exes and ohs!

Twitter me this

3 04 2009

About three years ago, I got an email from Rose via Twitter, asking me to join.

I clicked the link, filled in my name (Christina Walters, duh), created a password and all that. But then I got to the username field.

And I could not, for the life of me, come up with a good username. I want to join, I really do, but I quit the whole thing after 15 minutes of “christina_sex? No. sexsatchelchrist… Too long. christina’s_satchel? Fuck, no ‘ allowed.”

So here it is, all. HELP!

Also, how many of you are on twitter? Is it even going to be worth it? Because, yeah, I know what twitter is and I think it could be great for us. I might have to talk Court into it, if she’s up for the challenge.

EDITED TO ADD: Following Jen’s advice, I joined Twitter… satts_christina. Hit me up!

EDITED ALSO TO ADD: How the FUCK did Courtney join Twitter and not tell me? I’m going to kick her ass.


i suck. i really do.

12 03 2009

As Christina mentioned, I’ve been pretty absent-minded lately. I just kind of needed some “me” time. Work has been a little busier than usual (not that it’s an excuse) and I may have to relocate. Which would suck. Moving even farther away from Christina, my family, and now moving away from STS. Awesome. Except for not.

Well, to update you all, work is crazy, I miss my bff, I can’t wait to see my family in May, STS and I are still seeing each other, and I’m tired as fuck.

I honestly  have no good stories for you. Work has honestly been taking up all of the time that I’m not sleeping (and sometimes when I am), and I’ve just needed to take a break. I’m sorry to all of our loyal readers, and  I promise to try to keep this thing up to date. At least weekly. Or bi-weekly.

I actually can think of one thing that has happened to me since I’ve been on my short blogging hiatus:

STS, and I met a few of his friends at the local rundown bar a couple of weeks back. I ended up drinking a few too many Coors Lights, having a few too many shots and feeling the need for a dance party with Christina (so I drunk dialed her instead). I was pretty much gone. Being the classy people we are, we left the bar at a quarter to 2:00am, and STS drove us home in my car.

We got back to his place, I (oh-so-religiously) washed my face and brushed my teeth, then proceeded to strip naked and STS followed my lead. We got out Mr. Magnum, and we had a pretty good time– from what I can remember. When STS lifted himself off of me to toss the condom away, we realized it had broke. Majorly. As in, I it was completely rolled up to the top. And I’m definitely not on any birth control right now. Fuck.

I had him run to the pharmacy the next day to grab me a Plan B pill pack, and so now I’m just praying that all is well in that department.

So there’s my excitement for the last (what seems like 3 months since I’ve posted) few weeks. Needless to say, we’ve upgraded to Magnum XLs.

exes and oh!s,


11 02 2009

Fab Obsessed wanted us to inform all of our readers (which seems like 4 lately, and we’re counting Rose & Jill seperately…), that she’s got a contest in the works!

Click here for details on how to win some, what seem to be, pretty sexy books by just answering a question about Valentines Day!

Also, what do you think about possibly changing one of our “theme days” to a possible “sex toy” day. Would that catch the attention of more readers rather than our “Fuck Me Friday”?

exes and oh!s,