11 09 2009

Let’s say, theoretically, you and your boyfriend (guys, just go with it) have been together for 2+ years. And let’s say, theoretically, you’ve lived together for over a year.

You’ve talked about marriage, babies and growing old together. And he’s seen you naked more than any other living being. You know, theoretically.

Let’s say this boyfriend of yours get a text message one Friday night while you’re hanging out. The text is from an oooold friend of his. An old friend who happens to be female.

Let’s say you’re okay with this.

But this old friend? Also happens to be the sister of your boyfriend’s EX-FUCKING-GIRLFRIEND. Who he was with for a total of 4-something years.


And let’s say, when he responds to this text message (knowing his ex is with the sister, who text messaged him), he says something to the effect of, “Just hanging out.” No mention of you.

How would you, theoretically, feel?


But it’s better if you do

18 01 2009

Hello all! Court here!

Apparently all of you were pretty excited to hear about my date with Smaller Town Stud. Well, it went great! We had a change of plans– didn’t go out for pizza, he had to go pick someone up who got stuck in the snow about 45 minutes away, so that delayed us a bit. Anyway, since he had driven so much already that day, I offered to drive us to the movie, and he was very grateful for the offer.

So… how the night went:

I met him at a place we were both familiar with in Smaller Town. He hopped out of his Jeep, and as soon as he got out, I was trying to figure out how his 6’3″ frame fit in that little vehicle! Let me tell you this– we were introduced by a friend, and all I had seen was his myspace page. From that, all I could see was basically pictures of him firefighting and a few self-taken face photos (none that showed teeth. Grr.). So, now I could see that he’s got a nice body, he’s tall (yes!), and he’s cute– from what I can tell in the dark. He got into my car (which is a coupe– not much leg room in the front or back…) and his legs were practically touching his chin. I told him he could scoot the seat back, but he verified that it was already back as far as it could go. I apologized for my car, since it can’t speak. We chatted the whole way there, about lots of different things: music, movies, scary stories about the area (apparently lots of mass murders around here) and a few other things.

We arrived at the movie theater ready to see “Yes Man” at approximately 8:55 p.m.  I was finally able to get a look at his pearly whites when we got into the movie theater! Yay! He has good teeth! When he asked for the tickets, we were told that it only played at 6:05 that day. Eff. She told us that sometimes the internet times are wrong, and apologized, but also recommended “Mall Cop”. We agreed that we’d give that one a try, and she said it was playing at the theater a few blocks away in about 20 minutes (the theaters are owned by the same people). So, we thanked her, got back into my car, and drove down the street. He paid for both of our movies, and we walked into the room with the big screen. We sat next to each other– I was secretly hoping that the seats were the ones that had the arm rest that went up and down so that we might have been able to cuddle, or at least touch– but apparently the Chair Gods hate me and they were the stupid built-in armrests that aren’t cool and just stay there, blocking the whole chance for a romantic movie date. We sat there and talked since we had about 15 minutes to spare until the movie started. A guy in the row in front of us recognized him, and they caught up on old times for a few minutes, and then we just talked about lots of different things before the movie started. We laughed through the whole movie. It was kind of stupid in some parts, but it was still pretty funny. 

The drive home we talked the whole way about lots of things, and when we arrived back in Smaller Town, he thanked me for going on the date with him, and told me that we should definitely get together again, and that I should come into town and go to the bar sometime. I asked him if it was fun there– since I haven’t been there before– and he said very sweetly, “no, but it would be if you were there.” I know, I know… awww. I told him I’d see what I could do, and also mentioned that we should get together and rent a movie that we had both seen– but he couldn’t remember parts of it, and we had said we should both see it again– sometime. He agreed and said that would be awesome.

I don’t believe I’ve ever ended a date before without a kiss… but I believe this one is a gentleman, which is fine by me. 

That was my date for you all, who were so anxiously awaiting to hear about it. Not as exciting as I had planned, but it was a very sweet date, and I’m excited to see the guy again.

exes and oh!s,