It wasn’t me

17 09 2009

When I was a junior in college, I spent a lot of my time with Daddy’s Girl. My roommate and I at the time weren’t getting along very well, so if I wasn’t in class or at work, I was with DG.

DG and I – and Court, too, when she’d come to College Town to visit/party – got into our fair share of trouble together. Nothing serious (and by that I mean no police were ever involved… but damn now that I think about it, that could have been fun) but, well, you know how college girls can be.

DG and I may or may not have made out a time or two. I may or may not have cheered her on during a wet T-shirt contest at one of the bars in College Town.

Annnnd I may or may not have hooked up with, multiple times, one of her roommates.

I should clarify here that, at that point, she lived with three males. Three very, very, VERY good looking males. She claims it was never sexual between her and any of them but I still think her and J hooked up once or twice.


This roommate of hers, I’ll call him Older Buff Guy (GAWD I’M SO FUCKING ORIGINAL), was… well, older (nearing 30), but oh-so buff and OH-SO HOT. He’s one of those nearing 30 guys who sincerely doesn’t look it – he looked more like 24. Hell, he still does. (And by the way, yes he’s still buff and still hot. Maybe even more so since I can’t have him anymore, but that’s an entirely different story.)

Anyway. (I need to stop going off on tangents like that. It makes for a long post, no?)

One Thursday night, after DG and I had gone out on the town, dancing and letting boys buy us five too many drinks, we stumbled back to her place. I’d been texting OBG (that’s a pretty horrible abbreviation for the guy, hmm) for the past few hours, and he was sexily inviting me into his room.

His room, which was right next to DG’s room.

Fuck it.

We got to the house and, luckily, DG decided she was just going to pass the eff out almost immediately. Perfect.

So, I waltzed right into OBG’s room… but I forgot the rule he’d made: No entering the bedroom unless you’re topless. I happily obliged him, seeing as he was already topless (drool) and all.

And what a night we had. That’s the night I learned that lying, face up, on top of a guy who is also lying face up, is actually a plausible (and very pleasing) sex position.

That’s also the night I learned that giving head isn’t always a horrible thing.

That’s ALSO the night I was apparently really fucking loud in bed because the next morning when I walked out of OBG’s room and ran smack dab into DG, she asked what the hell movie or TV show we watched the night before (she knew we “hung out” from time to time but to this day doesn’t know the extent of my relationship with OBG) because she heard some VERY loud sexual noises.

I just told her I had no idea because I fell asleep. … It wasn’t me.


Ask and you shall receive

20 01 2009

So many (all two of you) asked to hear about my fling with Christian Gal’s ex that I decided it was finally time for me to share.

First, a little background: Christian Gal and I have been friends since before Court and I actually became close. We’re still pretty close and, despite our religious differences, I consider her one of my close girlfriends. Christian Gal was also my first roommate in college – we lived together in the dorms our first year there and we got our first apartment together (with two other girls, including Daddy’s Girl, formerly known as Short-haired Girl).

Christian Gal and I met a group of guys living on the floor above us (gotta love co-ed dorms) shortly after we started our first semester in College Town. To tell you the truth, quite a few of my tales will be based on this group of guys. Anyway, CG’s Ex was in that group. They dated for awhile after CG broke up with her high school boyfriend and it got somewhat serious (and I got locked out of our dorm room many times while they fucked) before she ended up leaving him to go back to her high school boyfriend.

Enter Christina. CG’s Ex and I had become pretty good friends while CG and him dated (and I was fucking a couple of his friends, but that’s a different story) and when they broke up I was totally irritated with CG and on CG’s Ex’s side. (I know, what a friend, right? But honestly it was bullshit.)

So I spent time with CG’s Ex to console him. We went to parties together and when I didn’t feel comfortable bumpin’ and grindin’ with anybody else and while he was still licking his wounds from CG, we’d dance at these parties. Remember the dancing Court talked about before? Yeah, that kind of dancing. It was hot. Did I mention CG’s Ex is totally cute? Tall, great smile, amazing sense of humor and a great body.

One night after one of these parties – and a fuckton of flirting, by the way… but that was a sort of ongoing thing at these parties we’d go to… two, sometimes three nights a week, every week… – all the parties were dying down at about 3 or 4 a.m. So we decided to head back to the dorm and hang out. Not in my room, obviously, so we went to his room. Talked and hung out for awhile and somehow ended up in bed together.

It was innocent but we were definitely in bed together. That’s where we finally kissed for the first time (tingles! There were definitely tingles in places I shouldn’t be tingling after kissing the ex of a friend I shouldn’t be kissing) and that’s where we almost fell asleep together.

The kiss was one of those kisses that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. You know, the kind that instantly makes you want to rip your (and his/her) clothes off and just fuckin’ go for it.

I hate to ruin what could be a good story, but that’s all that happened, folks. But damn, what a kiss.

Yeah, I was about as disappointed as you. Actually no, WAY. MORE. disappointed. You know how your body starts to go through all those natural processes when it’s preparing for intercourse? Yeah mine was definitely there. Hell, it was there before I was in bed with him. This guy got me going.

Things slowed down after that with CG’s Ex and I. Partly because I felt guilty (but not guilty enough to stop) but mostly because I think he just felt too awkward about it.

To this day I wish more had happened and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t cross my mind every now and then when I see his status updates on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I just saw some new photos CG posted with a bunch of guys I don’t know… including a drool-worthy black man. Damn, she always meets the hotties…