starting over

6 09 2009

I did it. I marked everything as read in google reader. The numbers were ridiculous.

I have on request – comment with your url so I can make sure you’re in my reader so I can stay updated!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pry BF’s attention from the tv. Lingerie may or may not be involved.


hooooly shit she’s alive!

5 09 2009

I’m starting to get really fucking tired of this excuse BUT I (still, for the love of god) don’t have internet at home. So. Yeah.

But with Court’s recent posting I’ve realized how much I MISS THIS SHIT so I’m suffering through doing this from my blackberry. Just for you, sexypants. Yes, you.

Unfortunately, not a whole fuckofalot has happened for me since the last time I posted, wayyy back in the day.

Have I mentioned I’m sorry about our little unplanned hiatus? No? Well I am.

BF and I did move, however, into a much nicer rental house. I’m further from work now though, but that’s the only downside. Well, that and NOT HAVING INTERNET! Fuckme.

Let me tell ya, it’s pretty awesome living somewhere you can have sex with your bedroom door (which open to 3+ acres of lawn/pasture) open. Mmhmm.

Other than that… Nothin’ much. I plan on realllly making more of an effort here, but don’t plan on many of the regulars from me (sorry).
Until next time (which should be soon!)


yes, there will be a pop-quiz to follow.

18 08 2009

I’m glad there are still some people following the blog! I thought for sure when we got back on here everyone would have completely forgotten about us.

Good to know I was wrong! Thank you for the warm welcome back! I’m going to try to get Christina back on here as well. I know we’ve both been busy.  She’s got The Purse currently, don’t worry, we’ve still been sending it back and forth and writing in our journal, but haven’t had enough time to actually log onto wordpress and catch you all up on our lives.

Oh, I got a new desk! Which is what I’ve needed all along… somewhere for my laptop to sit so that I don’t keep going in and out of a wireless connection. So now I have no excuses.

Anyway, to fill you all in (on what you really haven’t missed out on):
*Mid-May: I moved (5 hours away from STS).
*Late-May: I left to be in my sister’s wedding the day after moving day, therefore leaving the new house with unopened boxes for a week to have some much-needed family time (which included getting to see Christina!!!!!!!), and I also saw The Facemaker at the wedding, ugh.
*End of May: I got back, was able to unpack and situate myself and work for a couple of months. Decided to start Weight Watchers to lose a few pounds.
*Late July: Went on a 2-week vacation to the mountains. Beautiful. STS and I decided to “take a break” because of the long-distance situation we had going on. Sprained my ankle while stumbling down the stairs drunk, while on vacation (and hanging out with a very cute guy, also drunk). Gave the cute guy head (don’t judge.) Played beer pong. Skinny-dipped.
*Mid-August: Got a visit from the other sister, spent most of our time as tourists in Big City (close to where I live now).
*Early this week: Got another visit, but from an old High School friend who was in the area, a very nice surprise! Watched all 6 seasons of Sex and The City, and also the movie.

So there you have it. Nothing too exciting. Alright, so since I’ve been gone for so long, I’m sure I have well over 2,000 unread GoogleReader messages that I’m probably not going to be able to get to… Anyone willing on catching me up on their life since we’ve been gone in a paragraph?

exes and oh!s,

P.S. How does Tease Me Tuesday sound to you?

Subscribers, a bad memory and anal sex

6 05 2009

So I just decided to check out the details of SATTS on Google Reader.

Holy testicles! There are 61 subscribers?!

That means there have been at least, oh, sayyy…. two of you out there wondering why the hell we suck so much at this blogging thing!

So sorry.

No really, I feel bad.

And I’m trying, really!

I just got NOTHIN’ in the way of sexy blog material for y’all. I keep racking my brain for some distant memories of crazy sex while I was in College Town but… damn. BF and I have been together about two years now and I’m sorry but the pot my sophomore year has wreaked havoc on my memory.

So I’m trying.

In the meantime, here’s something I’ve been wondering about (but gawd I don’t know why, because – and I’m being honest here and if I can’t be honest here where can I be? – I realllllllllllly don’t think I’d ever try it): What in the hell is so damn appealing about anal sex? I’m counting on SOMEBODY out there to help me out on this because I just. don’t get it.


They-don’t-call-it-“exit-only”-for-nothing-slash-in-my-vag-only-please girl


Technology hates me

7 03 2009

… And to tell ya the truth, the feeling’s a little mutual.

Just a quick post to say I MISS YOU GUYS!!! And I’m sorry we’ve been more than MIA lately. I can’t speak for Court (word has it she’s just lazy) but my computer’s dead and I was just able, after many tries, to log into wp on my BlackBerry to write this.

But a quick update: BF and I have been having an unusual amount of sex lately. Lots of sex. Great sex. Switching from one position (missionary) to another (doggy style) to another (me on top) to make it last longer great sex. We’ve been fighting less (like, none) and holding hands and kissing in public. Life’s good.

I’ll try to update when I can, but typing on the bb isn’t the easiest thing in the world and you’re craaaaazy if you think I’ll blog from work. No no no.


wtf, mate?

11 02 2009

You know, Courtney brings up an interesting point.

It seems as though, since we moved to WordPress, our readership is down. Like, way down.

What the fuck”s up with that?

Look. I’ll level with you. I know we don’t post as often as we should and I’d be lying if I said we were the best commenters around. But seriously.

Did we do something wrong? Are we not sexy enough for you? Are we talking too much about something y’all don’t like? Or not talking enough about something else y’all crave?

Help me/us out, here. Cuz we just don’t get it.


I can’t keep up (and BF’s a sweetheart)

1 02 2009

It’s come to my attention that Court and I have received awards and been tagged lately. Awesome!

Seriously, I say that without any sarcasm. I sincerely apologize we haven’t responded (or, if we have, good for us – that’s where my head’s been lately… I don’t even know if we’re thanking people or doing anything for these awards or not!) but I just wanted to say we 150% appreciate them!

Work’s been a shitstorm lately for me and I think Court could say the same. AND I know she’s been busy with STS ( I’ll let her tell you about that even though she’s shared some good stories with me).

Also, I thought I’d give a little update on how BF and I are doing.

We ended up talking it all out and he understands where I was coming from and why I was so upset. He apologized and promised to bring things up for us to talk about first, before deciding on something like that. Also, he ended up not buying the car I was initially pissed about.

He’s been working a lot lately. Have I ever mentioned he works the night shift? Yeah, so he’s always horny when he gets home, between 3 and 7:30 a.m. (it varies depending on how busy they are) and that is definitely sleepy time for this girl. And MY horny time is usually between 9 p.m. and midnight so we almost. never. get to have sex and it sucks! Even on the weekends because he’s been working weekends lately. UGH!

Anyway, he did something super sweet today. He was getting ready to leave for work this afternoon and I was having a serious soda and sunflower seed craving (NO, I’m not preggo). I was also, however, having a serious lazy day. I’m talking it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I hadn’t showered or anything, really. Baggy sweats, tank and no bra and yesterday’s makeup does not make for a going-to-the-store outfit.

BF left for work with a lot less fanfare than usual. Normally he at least kisses me a couple times before petting the dogs and walking out the door. This time? “Bye babe, love ya!” and he was gone. Asshole

NOT! Five minutes later he called me and told me to come outside (ummm, did he not remember what I was wearing when he left? At least we live in a neighborhood slightly outside of town…). So I did and… there he was, with a six-pack of my favorite soda and my favorite kind of sunflower seeds!

I think the guy’s a keeper. And I think I’ll shave my legs tonight so I’m good and ready for him when he gets home.