Cast of characters

In order to maintain our anonymity (and protect those we write about since we plan on being brutally honest), we’ll be using clever nicknames. We’ll update this as frequently as necessary, so be sure to check back often!

(Cast listed in order of appearance)

Christina: 22-year-old living in Small-ish Town, West Coast. Lives with BF and is almost sickeningly in love with him. Has too many exes, some with interesting stories, some… not so much. Is still trying to figure out what to do now that her bff, Courtney, is two states away… again.

Courtney: Twenty-two year-old living in Smaller Town, West Coast. Living alone, single & loving it. Has lots of scandalous stories to share. Missing her bff, but is excited about the journey they’re about to take themselves on! Looking for Mr. Right, but will settle for Mr. Right now

BF: Christina’s boyfriend of more than a year and a half.

Mr. Big Dick (MBD): This should pretty much explain itself, no? Neighbor of Courtney’s when she lived with Older Sis.

Mr. Cling: Courtney’s once-had-a-chance gent that’s now become overly attached, overly fast. Did I mention he lives near Hick Town, almost 1,000 miles away & still full boar with the clingage?

Older Sis: Court’s oldest sister, whom she used to live with for 2 years.

Cute Bartender: Courtney’s possible paramour that works at a bar in Smaller Town.

The Facemaker: One of Court’s exes, made constipation faces during the act of sex.

V Snatcher: Snatcher of Christina’s virginity. Also the one who got her hooked on scandalous affairs. Read.

First Love: Christina’s first love.

Christian Gal: One of Christina’s college roommates, also a high school classmate of both Christina and Courtney… meaning she, too, grew up in Hick Town and lived in College Town. She’s still a pretty good friend of ours.

Scaredy Ex: Christina’s most recent ex-boyfriend, whom she dated for about six months. They met in College Town and were friends for a couple years before getting together. Pretty big mistake.

Short-haired Girl: One of the first girl friends Christina made in College Town, was a roommate at one time and was one of the few she stayed friends with all four years while she was there. We love this girl.

Muscle Man: One of Christina’s friends from College Town. Courtney had many a fling with him. Oh, and a body builder. Mmmm.

Chaz & Nelson: Courtney’s gay friends, whom she adores (and are life-partners).

Fuckworthy Fella: Age 32. Courtney’s out-of-town fuck partner she met through work. A hot piece of ass, awesomely athletic bod, short brown hair, he was 6′3″. Needless to say, he’s a Fuckworthy Fella.

The Locales

Hick Town: Little town Christina & Courtney grew up in and have since moved away from.

Small-ish Town: Town where Christina & BF lived after she moved away from College Town.

Smaller Town: Town Courtney lived in after she moved away from Big Town.

College Town: Town Christina went to college (obviously) and Courtney visited – wait, no… frequented. Pizza? Yes. Beer pong? Yes. Oral sex? Yes. Sexcapades? Yesssss! Basically, a place we drank a lot and forgot the rest because, well, we drank more. Oh and, you know, Christina went to class from time to time while she lived there.

Big Town: Town Court lived in with Older Sister before moving to Smaller Town.

Tiny Town: Town where Christina & BF live currently.

The (Almost) City: Town where Court lives currently.


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