11 09 2009

Let’s say, theoretically, you and your boyfriend (guys, just go with it) have been together for 2+ years. And let’s say, theoretically, you’ve lived together for over a year.

You’ve talked about marriage, babies and growing old together. And he’s seen you naked more than any other living being. You know, theoretically.

Let’s say this boyfriend of yours get a text message one Friday night while you’re hanging out. The text is from an oooold friend of his. An old friend who happens to be female.

Let’s say you’re okay with this.

But this old friend? Also happens to be the sister of your boyfriend’s EX-FUCKING-GIRLFRIEND. Who he was with for a total of 4-something years.


And let’s say, when he responds to this text message (knowing his ex is with the sister, who text messaged him), he says something to the effect of, “Just hanging out.” No mention of you.

How would you, theoretically, feel?




5 responses

12 09 2009

Well, theoretically, I’d be a little upset. Because, theoretically, he should have probably mentioned that he was, “Hangin’ out with my girlfriend.”

But y’know…

That’s just theoretically.

12 09 2009

Theoretically, he must be speakin to her on a regular basis.

12 09 2009

Theoretically I feel not so good then – nice article.

13 09 2009
The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know

Theoretically, really pissed. And he would be getting a theoretical earful about it.

14 09 2009
Veronica Vaughn

I agree with Margarita. If he hadnt spoken to her in years, why did she ask what he was doing as if she had just talked to him the other day.

Theoretically, she should have said something along the line of “Havent talked to you in forever. How are you doing? What have you been up to all these years?”


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