give it to me.

5 09 2009

Questions, that is. I’ve asked for this before, but I never got a huge turnout of questions. So this time I’m going to ask for at least one question from each of you that you want to ask me (us), about anything. It can be about me (us) personally, or it can be something you need advice about, or you can simply suggest a topic for me (again, us) to talk about. I’m just having a problem coming up with post topics, and my life has been pretty dull lately, even after the breakup. So help us get this show back on the road.

For now, I’m going to go ahead and do our usual Fuck Me Friday.

This guy reminds me of MBD. Gotta love it.  Gerard Butler. Mmmm.


I’m also going to start closing– or even writing posts that can relate to– ( because the website pretty much rocks my world… here it is:

(484): Just heard a guy discussing with someone else the amazing blow job you gave him. I’m in New York. Over 2 hours away from where you live. I have never been more proud.

exes and oh!s,




5 responses

6 09 2009
Extremely Witty

I can’t believe you posted the text I sent you

6 09 2009
Extremely Witty

Oh, question..right…you may have talked about this in the past, but I’m too lazy to look back. Have you ever been involved in a threesome? If so, congrats, you have a journal to write

6 09 2009

Witty- unfortunately, I have not been involved in a threesome. Therefore, I have no post to talk about… Any other questions?

6 09 2009

Iiiiii have a question for you, court: have you ever, I dunno, gotten drunk on a boat with a boy you only recently met and gone skinnydipping with some illegal substances maybe (or maybe not) involved?

6 09 2009

tfln is the shit!my friend and i were jst on the phone reading them!!!

question-longest either have you have gone with NO sex?

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